The Portion - Little Piece of Thoughts (Self Financed Ep)

Album Line Up
Kari : Vocals, 12-string
Jussi-Petteri :Guitar
Altti : Bass
Pantse : Drums
Lotta : Backing Vocals

The Portion, comes from Finland and this is their latest work. Actually it isn't their latest work but this Ep, decide the band to promote outside their country. The music that The Portion gives to us, is mainly melodic rock but some times become hard rock and also we have some really interesting ballads. The band had dedicate a song to all the owners of Harley Davidson motorcycles. I wish i could have one :-)

I believe that the music from this band is very easy listening. I relax to my chair, i drink coffee and i hear their work. You want something more than this? Just to relax and to hear good music? The band also did a very good work in the production section too. But in the artwork one, i didn't like the cover but ok, it is just my opinion. Generally i like this Ep because simply is one of the most easy listening releases i have ever heard.

Antonis Maglaras

Track list:

1. Harley Davidson
2. Time
3. Dark Night
4. Out of my thoughts control
5. Little Piece of love

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