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In the late 90's i started to study classical singing with the guidance of Kimmo Lappalainen from Sibelius Academy, Helsinki. It took until 2002 when i found few talented musicians in Turku, Finland. Then, with The Portion band we published songs like Little Piece of Love, Out Of My Thoughs Control and Harley Davidson, which have been played in radios in different countries. Our 2004 EP record contains 5 songs, of which 3 have been produced by Edu Kettunen from Finland.

The Portion was not very active between 2005-2010 because i started to run HR business full time (analysing professionals and recruiting people through my company, MindFit Consulting Oy). Now company runs okay and my employees don't need me 24x7 anymore. So, i started to make music again and went to a studio in December, 2010, with the new The Portion team.

If you want to hear our new single, Messages that was published the 1st of June, 2011, or our earlier releases, please check out our MySpace page:

The Portion songs in MySpace

- Kari Härkönen, singer & song writer -